Pregnancy Most Searched Health Condition

Pregnancy Most Searched Health Condition In February

The term "pregnancy" was the most frequently searched health conditions in February, receiving 8.8 million search queries respectively according to comScore.

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The most searched health condition, "pregnancy," is searched 17 times more often than the most popularly searched brand name, "Chantix." The second most searched term "cancer" had 1 million queries specific to the term "breast cancer."

"It's not too surprising that some of the most common health conditions, such as diabetes, depression and flu, have made the list, but it's interesting that these terms generate fewer searches than significantly less prevalent conditions like cancer and pregnancy," said Carolina Petrini, comScore senior vice president.

A reason for this may be due to life-changing nature of a cancer diagnosis or a pregnancy.

Most Commonly Searched Health Conditions

February 2008

Total U.S. - Home/Work/University Locations

Source: comScore, Inc.

Search Term Search Queries


Pregnancy 8,841

Cancer 7,718

Flu 1,824

Depression 1,807

Diabetes 1,758

Addiction 1,407

Herpes 1,340

HIV 976

Anxiety 910

Stroke 872

HPV 861

Bipolar 861

Cholesterol 816

Headache 763

Menopause 667

Hepatitis 614

Arthritis 600

ADHD 573

Asthma 569

Fibromyalgia 551

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