How to Promote Affiliate Products Without a Website

Okay, you want to promote affiliate programs. You have one or two that you

are very interested in. But - you don't have your website created yet and you

don't even have your own optin-in list. What do you do? Here are a few things

you can do before you get your website created.

1. Write articles. Yes, I know. It's like being in school again and

learning something for the first time. It's really not all that difficult. Think

about the affiliate product that you want to promote. How does that product help

the person using it? Now, think of a story of someone who is struggling (with

whatever task they're trying to do without the product) and then provide the

solution to that problem.

You must be careful, though. If the story sounds like a sales pitch, your

article won't be published.

Let's take as an example: Autoresponders. Tell the story about a person trying

to send out a message every week manually. Talk about the frustrations. Then,

provide the solution by explaining how autoresponders work and why they should

be used for that task. But don't mention the autoresponder product you are

promoting in the article. That's what the article's Resource Box is for! The

resource box will contain a "mini" ad of sorts with a link to your affiliate

product's website.

Submit your completed article to article announcement lists, article directories

and newsletter publishers.

2. Start your own opt-in list.

The gurus tell you that you must have your own list. Is that difficult? Well,

yes and no. There are lists and there are Lists. It's easy to find names and

email addresses to add to your list - just buy them from a list broker. However,

to get a "responsive" list there are some tasks that must be done.

Before your actually create your own website, you can have a list. Simply use

one of the free autoresponder or list server companies that are available.

One of these will get you started until you start making some money and can

afford to go "pro." Most free autoresponder options will have ads on top of each

message you send out.

When you have your website finished, put a subscription box on every page. You

never know where your site visitor will be coming from so you'll want to cover

all the bases.

3. Submit free and paid solo, top sponsor, and classified ads to newsletters

that are in your affiliate product's niche. Most affiliate marketers are

doing this already but are making two major mistakes:

1. They use the "canned" ads that the affiliate program company provides.

Re-write the ad in your own style. Make the ad different and unique. For a few

minutes of work you will get a much better response.

2. They don't mask the affiliate link. I would say that 90% of the ads that get

submitted to my newsletter still have the affiliate ID showing. I have preached

this many times but it bears repeating. Mask Your Link! Even if you just use a

service like

or, it will

save you from having your affiliate ID ripped off by someone else. Besides, your

link will look a lot more professional and will meet the line length guidelines

that most publishers require.

The best affiliate marketers have their own domain name and website. But these

tips should help you get your start in affiliate marketing.


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